What is Coaching?

We all reach stages in our careers where we feel frustrated, stuck, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied.

Coaching is a transformational journey of self-discovery and development that will help you overcome these challenges. On this journey I will help you to plan, take action and keep you accountable.

Still not sure? Here is a video to help you out.

My Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is built around the principles of simplicity and efficiency.

Time is a valuable resource that none of us want to waste. My sessions are therefore very focused and results orientated.

Every aspect of my coaching philosophy is designed to serve the needs of the client, not my own. I will therefore adapt to the needs of the client as far as possible.

Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching Process

Stefan Vosser Coaching

The coaching process is loosely based on the GROW model and follows these steps:

The Matching Phase

During this phase we will get to know each other better and find out if our personalities, communications styles, and approaches align.

The Planning Phase

Goal - We will dig deeper into and unpack the goal that you would like to achieve.
Action Plan – The action plan takes the internal and external factors into account that might impact on your ability to achieve your goal.

The Doing Phase

Now that the goal is properly defined, we start implementing the action plan.

The Review Phase

We will measure how successful the action plan was in achieving the goal. If necessary, changes will be made to the action plan.